Bris Golf Sales

TRUE COLOR: This is when you want exact PMS colors. There has been a base put down so that the ink will come out in specific colors. Think of a T shirt for a sports team and you need the exact color match. This T shirt will have a stiffer feel to it because of the base, especially if it is a large, full logo.  

DISTRESSED WASHED: This has no base and a soft hand, worn feel as above. It is just distressed as well and gives it a vintage older feel. Presently this is the most popular look

DISTRESSED: This is a true color down on a base but the color has been distressed

The two shirts above are the same cost; there is no additional charge per color. As you can see there is an enhanced value for your sponsors to have their logo in their own colors on your T-Shirts. Imagine with no color restrictions what we can do for your teams logo.

  • Minimum order 36 pcs /6 per color
  • Re-order 12 pcs/ 6 per color
  • Lead time 5 days after art approval
  • Men's and Ladies sizing
  • Long Sleeve available
  • Cotton, poly blend, or 100% Poly
  • Count and fill T-Shirts
  • 2021 t-shirts
  • inventoried colors
  • email me

WASHED: This has no base so it will be a very soft hand, a worn feel.