Southern Hills used their Clock Tower to create a new logo for the members

Hat Ideas Page: Examples of things we have done you may find inspiring or useful with your Club. Some will need an explanation and others will not. The link is hat name drops we have at Imperial you may use with no set up charge,

hat name drops

retro patch name drops and shapes

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Stripped an L out of Lakewood CC full logo and put on a label

Raised Embroidery

Old logos found and resurrected

River Crest CC used 7 rope hat combinations with the same patch for their Crestival. Each player had a choice of colors. This was extremely successful.

Bris Golf Sales

Pine Forest CC used an old Logo from their china to create an event logo.

Create your own cigar label for a Stag Night hat

Simple fonts can make a nice

patch, or a great look on a rope

hat. Twisted rope  looks great.

Willow Brook CC uses their founding date all the time

Create your own retro logo