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Some general information about towels: You can have all, or a portion of your order with individual names. The lbs notation is the weight of 12 towels. It is an odd unit of measurement used for towels. Woven towels are considerably heavier than a standard "beach towel". 34 x 66 is considered a full size swim towel, and is the most popular size. Smaller minimums are available in a 30" wide towel. Towels cost about $2.00 each to ship. Shearing is not necessary but does make the logo appear sharper and more defined. It just makes a better looking towel that seems to age better. I strongly recommend you shear them, it is a dollar well spent. Lead times are 4-5 weeks.

​If you need less than 48 towels your only option is a 30" wide towel from the quick colors. The combinations in the pdf can also be reversed.

quick colors

Whether you need a towel for summer league, year round, high school teams, or special events I can help you fill your needs.

Even though I am a Golf Manufacturer's Rep, and not in the Swim Industry, I still have access to a few quality products that are appropriate for Teams to help brand themselves. A great way to make a statement is with a team towel. See a few of the examples below I have done in the past. There is also a picture of a pdf file, and a link to download that file that will provide all the pricing information you should need. To get started please read the information below, and the pdf file as well.

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This high quality MADE in USA towel is woven. That means the reverse of the logo is on the back of the towel. The Klein Oak towel above is made from black and gold thread. The logo is not printed onto the towel, but is part of the towel. Names are a great touch and both parents and kids love this feature.

These are quality woven MADE in USA towels, that are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and weights. 34x66 is the most popular size​

​To get started all I need is a logo, and a few of your thoughts and ideas. You will be sent a pdf file with a number of possible selections and we can edit, alter, and color to your satisfaction.

here is an example