There are few things swimmers cherish more than a cluster of tags hanging from their swim bag. They carry them like a badges of honor, and It is a great way to brand your team, or advertise your meet. The best part is they are inexpensive! Bag tags can be made for as little as a dollar, and can range in size, shape, and type. You can use a traditional tag with a one color logo, or a full picture tag, both can be seen below. These tags are made in North America, so lead times are as quick as two weeks in some cases; a month is safer though. Contact me for design options, and further details.

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Tags can be printed on both sides. A small charge is added for second logo, and additional colors. MARC used the single sided tag for their teams fall registration.  available tag shapes

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Achievement Tags can be used both as a reward for a great time, and branding your team.