Original logo is over 2.5" H x 4" W. We changed the text and got the logo to 1.8"H and since then have done retro patches as well, and have been able to control the size of the logo.

Suggestions to help insure a successful Corporate order

1. Many corporate orders are more expensive than a new set of irons, and certainly at minimum a driver. You spend 30 minutes to an hour fitting them for a set of clubs, spend 5-10 minutes discussing their hat order. Ask them what type of hat, color, quantity, do they have a dst file, how soon do they need the hats, what type of logo are they thinking about, how large do they want the logo to be? They buy corporate hats much more frequently than they do new sets of clubs, and it is a very easy repeat order. logo options

2. Corporations are attracted to Imperial because of what they see in your shop. The majority of the time that means small tasteful logos, not large bill boards. On many corporate logos splitting the text from the icon is ultimately necessary because of size, and many times it simply makes the hat look better.  Often portions of the logo need to be eliminated as well.

This is typical of what we see for Charity events. The logo is far too large to have fit on the front of a hat. You edit out the unnecessary and end up with a logo that works. The front of most hats in your shop from Imperial can only have a max size front logo of 4.3" W x 2.25"H /  side logos are 2.5"W x 1.75"H / back logos are either 4.5"W x .8"H or 1.5"W x 2"H

3. Think about dimension when discussing the logos. The minimum for text is .25" and we want to make it .3" because it looks better. If their logo has an icon and three rows of text it can't be embroidered on a hat; something will have to be altered. There are certainly different techniques that can be used on large logos, logo options, but they come with a cost and sometimes increased lead times.

4. Different logo locations have size restrictions. It is very difficult to put an icon and text on the side of a hat. Two rows of text is the max on the back of a hat as well. Icons on the back are very difficult and rarely done because of size. I get many events where there is a corporate sponsor logo on the side of the hat. Nothing looks worse than the sponsors logo on the side being larger than the front logo, and many times it would not fit as well.

5. Lastly, it is rare that a hat should be a billboard. A golfer is not going to see Joe's Plumbing on the hat two fairways away and  think I should call Joe and get him to fix my leaky pipe. Instead every customer Joe gives a hat to should want to wear it, and it  hopefully becomes their favorite hat.  Joe's customers are going to think of him often, and are certain to recommend Joe to their friends that need a plumber. With that in mind you have to satisfy the customer, and sometimes they want a large logo. This is a great example of a corporation seeing a hat at a club that they liked and incorporating their logo to look similar.

I realize the glamorous part about being a young Professional is the tech lingo and verbiage in golf clubs. It changes yearly and they have to constantly re-learn all the new buzz words. The information on this page is easy, and remains consistent year to year. If they spend five minutes reading this it will certainly help provide your member with a better experience. Eliminating back and forth communication, necessary to answer basic questions that should be decided in the initial conversation with your member, will make us all look more professional and informed. Your members, like you, value an ease of doing business.

I want to help you make these positive experiences, and I do everything possible to make each corporate hat as nice as I can, while staying inside your budget and lead times. I certainly want your member happy so they continue to spend their marketing dollars with you, on Imperial hats. email me

  • 24 piece minimum per logo
    • That means whatever is embroidered on one hat is on all 24 hats, colors can change of course
    • If they can't meet the minimum you will have to use a local embroiderer and I can drop ship them blank hats
    • I am familiar with a number of them your peers use, just ask if you need a reliable shop
  • Logo set up fee $75
    • If they have a dst file no set up charge
    • Text logos in a computer digitized font are free
    • 72 pieces or more set up is free
  • Digitizing a logo takes up to two days
  • Lead time after art is approved is 5 days for most domestic logo applications


The new buzz word is "proof". Many corporations are requesting a proof. I have found most logos do not need a proof, but if they need to see a proof we have an art department. So that they are pleased with what they receive ask the member how large they want the logo to be before I submit the art , it saves a lot of their time in the end. See below for sizing restrictions and examples of logo sizes.

Art Department Rules

  • They MUST have vector art that means an AI or an EPS file
    • A JPEG/ Tiff/ Giff/ or PNG are not vector art
    • Companies almost always have these files they just have to ask the right person in the company
    • I can convert a JPEG to vector for approximately $15, but it will be through me personally so you will have to be able to pay me with a credit card. I found a company that can do this; I am not profiting off this service I am just passing along the cost to help solve a problem.
  • They can use the art department but they get only one free revision, additional revisions are $25 each
  • Art packs take up to one week / revisions take two days

Here is an example of a school trying to make their logo look less like a football team and more like a true golf logo. We took a logo that would exceed over 4" wide and reduced it to a woven label with a sew down at under 1.2" square. Now they look like they have on hats from a country club instead of a football team.

This logo came out at 3.7 x 2 even

after editing the logo. We even had to

alter the stitching around the shield to

a walk stitch losing some detail, but

hitting the size requirements

This is typical that you have a very nice looking logo for a business but it can't possibly be embroidered on the side of a hat. We took something that would have been over 2.5" H for sure and used a printed twill to make the entire logo 1.2" H and a perfect fit with the front logo

They took a 4" long logo and changed it to a Woven Label on felt. They incorporated the Texas Flag on the left side and put their text FORTIS on the back. They completely changed the look of the logos by being creative, and the company is ecstatic with the finished product.

General Rules for Corporate Orders

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