Minimum Orders

  • We realize you, or your members occasionally require a small order for a golf trip, small memorial event for a past member, or something similar thus the following program
  • We will do an order for less than 24 pcs for a $5 per hat up charge
  • We will set up text logos for free, a true logo is subject to standard set up fees
  • These orders do not have to be ordered in qty of 6, but we would appreciate it if they were
  • 24 pc minimum
  • $1 off pricing
  • Second embroidery location N/C
  • email me
  • Lead time 5-7 days
  • Min 48 pcs for $.50 discount
  • Min 72 pcs for $1 discount
  • Additional logos $1
  • All hats must be identical

Staff Hats

Small Order Program       This Does Not Apply to Corporate Orders

Tournament Pricing

Bris Golf Sales

  • An order must have 24 pieces
  • Logos must be the same for all 24 pieces, this means if it has two logos all 24 hats have two logos
  • Logo colors can change for every hat color
  • Hats can be ordered in dozens, or 6's with a $1 up charge, this means logo color or hat color
    •  For example an order of 24 white hats with 4 different logo colors receives a $1 up charge per hat