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Tica Design Corp. is a leading provider of leather accessories.   Its innovatively designed products range from duffle and travel related styles, handbags and wallets, briefcases and business specific to the golf industry.
Tica specializes in customizing it’s collection of accessories with the various corporate, club resort and event logos of its given customers.
The process is simple, you provide artwork and we present in a form adaptable for creating a die that can produce a logo on any of our accessories.

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Easy Retail Leather Accessory Packages

If you have seen the best shops, and read some of the latest successful retail trends in golf you see more accessories available for sale. Here are three packages to get you in the leather accessories business. These packages are comprised of best sellers and newest offerings. Costs of each package are retail. This may prompt questions  email me

$2000 retail package/ 22 pieces/ has two free logo set ups and a free portfolio

$1200 retail package/ 25 pieces/ has two free logo set ups

$750 retail package  / 27 pieces/ has one small logo set up