On the left you see a vinyl emblem and on the right an embroidered emblem. You can get a lot more detail in a vinyl logo.

This is a 22 oz tumbler with a paper wrap two sided logo

16 oz rocks tumbler

22oz tumbler with a paper wrap

These are sewn emblems which once completed can go on any size tumbler with a lead time of a few days. You purchase a quantity you are comfortable with and we keep them for you

              16 oz Traveler

Signature Tumblers is a family owned company from Minnesota. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you enhance your company, or club logo in a variety of applications. Choose from a stitched patch, vinyl, or a custom wrap. One of these methods will surely make your logo stand out on a proudly US MADE tumbler that is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and includes a lifetime guarantee.

Signature offers a number of popular sized tumblers to suit your needs, along with matching lids and straws to complete the package.

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Two outstanding paper wrap tumblers. With quality photography it is amazing what you can present your customer. 

Oak Tree National

Clubs at Cordillera Ranch

This is a clear vinyl emblem on the 26oz water bottle, the lid is included 

                           Sweet 16

​This is a clear vinyl wrap on an OMG30

​It holds 30oz

These are 22 oz tumblers with paper wraps including inside coloring as well. This is an event we did where every player received four tumblers with a different picture of a par 3 they played at Carlton Wood's Member Guest.

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